Feature: Kenyan restaurants enjoy a windfall as World Cup matches attract multitude of revelers

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Savvy entrepreneurs in hospitality industry are capitalizing on this time honored love for soccer to spruce up their establishments in readiness for a huge turn-out of patrons with disposable income to spend on exotic dishes and wine.

He revealed that local beer brands are preferred by patrons watching the Word Cup matches though the well-heeled do not hesitate to order exotic wines and spirits.

"It has been a good season for our business and the profits accrued will cushion us from future uncertainties," he added.

The World Cup fever that has enveloped Kenya's urban centers and rural villages has been a boon to restaurant owners who have spruced up their establishments to attract soccer fans with sophisticated culinary tastes.

NAIROBI, July 2 (Xinhua) -- The expansive balcony inside Mojo's lounge and bar located in central Nairobi was filled to capacity on Thursday evening as youthful revelers watched a match between Colombia and Senegal that was beamed live on a giant screen.

"Our business picked up rapidly the moment the World Cup kicked off on June 14th and we are always busy in the evening when soccer enthusiasts flock this place to enjoy the beautiful game as they sip their favorite drink," said Dennis, a middle-aged supervisor.

Predictably, the ardent soccer lovers were dejected when Senegal was felled by Colombia but continued to enjoy their favorite tipple during the post-match analysis delivered by an elite panel of experts.

A young waiter called Moses told Xinhua that every World Cup match has been a boon to the mid-sized hotel as clients' part with their last coin to order beer and snacks while watching the beautiful game.

Kenyans from all walks of life have expressed unwavering devotion to the World Cup matches even though their national team is yet to participate in this highly tournament.

"We have been receiving so many customers whenever there is a match in the evening and they have been ordering bottles of beer as they cheer their favorite teams," said Edwin, a customer relations officer in his early 200s.

He vowed to continue watching subsequent matches to be played during the second round despite elimination of all African teams at the initial phase of the tournament.

Historically, ardent soccer fans in the East African Nation have always preferred to watch matches in restaurants as opposed to homes where disruptions are bound to arise.

"This is a terrific World Cup compared to the previous ones and am enjoying the wizardly of star players from my favorite teams like Brazil, Portugal and France," said Murage

The World Cup fever was evident at Clarion Restaurant that is a few blocks away from Tribeka as a predominantly middle aged cast of patrons cheered the Senegal team as a demonstration of African brotherhood.

Besides investing in giant flat screens, comfy chairs and stylish interior decor, the Mojo's lounge and bar has also hired young and energetic customer care personnel to maximize on the World Cup windfall.

"Downing one or two bottles of my favorite Guinness beer has been part of the ritual whenever I am watching the game in this establishment," remarked the 32-years-old aspiring entrepreneur.

Kenyans' love for football that has defied time and seasons always herald good tidings to savvy investors in hospitality industry.

Tribeka restaurant that is a few yards away from Mojo's lounge and bar was also in a carnival mood when Senegal and Colombia fought vigorously for a slot in the second round of World Cup tournament.

By Christine Lagat

"Our giant screens have attracted football fans of all ages and economic background and we are happy because business has gone up," said Moses.

As usual, the management at this elegant joint had prepared adequately to handle an influx of patrons keen to watch and cheer their favorite team.

Charles Murage, a jazz artist and soccer fan, told Xinhua recently that he has in the last two weeks trooped to this modern joint in the evenings to watch the game while enjoying his favorite drink.

"The sale of local beer, snacks and cigars has been tremendous and we are prepared to handle this influx of customers and make a good return on our investment," he added.

At the sleek Mojo's lounge and bar, waiters had a hectic time as they served local dishes and exotic wine to patrons who keenly followed Senegal and Colombia square each other.

Senior management and service crew who spoke to Xinhua revealed that sales have been on an upward trend since the World Cup kicked off on June 14.

Murage admitted that the standards had improve during the 2018 World Cup and regretted missing any single match since the entertainment was profound.